Corsair scimitar pro wow setup

User Name Remember Me? Due to the COVID outbreak, we understand that you may have concerns about products delivered to you. Reputation: How to setup buttons with Scimitar mouse? I have just received the Scimitar and have the software installed. All the lighting works just fine but I cannot figure out how to setup the side buttons with my World of Warcraft account.

From there, it asks me to match the button with whatever I click with from mouse or keyboard. Unfortunately, when I click any of the side buttons on the Scimitar, the game doesn't register the button nor anything else. This did not work. I am lost on how to use this thing. Any "how to" videos on this would be great. Otherwise, I am considering returning my mouse because this is far more complicated than I thought. Wow wont register a click form the mice unless they program it in.

Which is unlikely. What you can do is set the keys in CUE to be F Then Wow should register the key. I assigned my my buttons to keyboard strokes using the F series keys that wernt in use. This works. Thank you very much! Toasted's PC Specs. I'm having the same issue. Do you need to have a Corsair Keyboard to find this? I just have the Scimitar RGB mouse. Woodzey93's PC Specs.Due to the COVID outbreak, we understand that you may have concerns about products delivered to you.

Reputation: Scimitar side buttons not working. Received my Scimitar mouse yesterday, the 12 side buttons light up with the LED but when they are pushed nothing is registered. Any known issue of this or fix option? Have you assigned any action to those buttons from CUE?

Medieval Nerd. If you are trying to go in a game and press the side buttons to bind things that won't work until you do as Terabyte mentioned and have remapped the keys, or assigned actions via CUE first. So, I have a similar issue but I have already remapped the side buttons to number keys.

corsair scimitar pro wow setup

As of now, they have been off and on. The side buttons will work and then stop working. Is this happening to anyone else? Am I triggering something that causes it to stop or revert to the default state?

Everything else is working just fine. I am having the same problem. I just had go out on me. Not sure what to do. Toasted's PC Specs. Originally Posted by Toasted. I'm having the same problem. I have everything updated on CUE and the side buttons mapped to the numbers on keyboard. Everything is lit up, CUE detects the mouse but the only thing not working is the side buttons.

Originally Posted by tyraze. Wudanmaster's PC Specs. Side buttons - HELP!! Ok, side buttons no longer work. Default profile is my ONLY profile. It is selected as default.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 3 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: What mouse do you use?

corsair scimitar pro wow setup

Page 5 of 6 First Reply With Quote. Razer Naga Trinity. I'm too used to a 12 button mouse and an optical sensor at this point and that really limits the options. I was hoping the Corsair Scimitar would be a quality product but it's way too fragile with the mouse wheel. Something about using thin plastic to keep it in place or something. I forgot the specifics people found out about it.

So yeah the mouse wheel ended up breaking on me due to how much I use it. A mouse that cant take the mouse wheel being binded to my most used attacks is useless to me. I don't even like Razer. The trinity aspect of it is dumb though. Who changes the button layout of their mouse?

Who buys a 12 button mouse with the intent to downgrade the amount of buttons instead of just buying an alternative mouse? I guess for now I'm just stuck with the Razer Trinity.

Goes to show how little competition there is for 12 button mice when I'm buying a product I have no faith in terms of long term durability. I use the best mouse that was ever built - the Logitech Gs. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued for years now. I also bought a spare one from China a year or so ago just in case this one breaks. They are super expensive if you can find them now.

Glorious model d. Refreshing change after using a brick of a mouse corsair scimitar pro and naga elite before that. Don't play wow anymore so don't need gazillion buttons on my mouse, a more relaxed claw grip oriented in my case, big hands, smaller hands might be able to palm it thoughlighter mouse makes more sense to me now. Nicer for fps games than a huge and heavy mmo mouse. Last edited by Salty Maud; at PM. Razer Naga Trinity, just because my old naga epic had a broken middle mouse click.

But that doesn't matter anymore - I now use the mouse 4 as my middle mouse and it's infinitely better in my eyes. I can understand when people don't use the 12 buttons, but almost every game I've ever played has benefited from it.

I see Well, I guess that happens from time to timeTwo mice which are similar at first glance, but each having their own unique features.

What makes a mouse designed for MMO gameplay is the extra buttons. Razer may not be the first to include a feature like this, but they have done it better all competitors. The mouse comes with three side panels, one with 2 buttons, one with 7 and lastly one with You are free to switch between these panels to fit your needs. All of the side buttons have award-winning Razer mechanical switches.

The side buttons on my old Razer Naga Molten are still working perfectly after years of use, the buttons on the Trinity should last just as long if not longer. The mouse has an ergonomic shape for right-hand use. The shape is comfortable and perfect for long gaming sessions.

The sensor on the mouse is a high-quality optical sensor offering up to 16, DPI. Razer mice sensors have a great reputation, and considering this mouse is mainly aimed for MMO games I can guarantee the sensor will outperform its needs.

corsair scimitar pro wow setup

You can also adjust the DPI on the fly with the two buttons below the scroll wheel. Like all Razer products, you can adjust and customize everything on using the Razer Synapse software. All of the buttons on the mouse are programmable in the software. This is also where you can customize the RGB colors, Razer claims there are Your profiles are stored on the mouse itself or in cloud storage. All 12 of the buttons are mechanical and designed to pro player specifications.

The buttons are textured in a way to improve the grip and feel. The main feature of this mouse is definitely the key slider system. The 12 side buttons are on a panel that can be moved and locked in place. The position of the panel is adjustable up to 8mm. This allows you to place the buttons exactly where you want them, keeping up with the theme of comfort and adjustability that MMO mice tend to have. The mouse has a high-quality sensor that can be virtually tuned to suit all mouse pads.

The DPI goes as high as 16, and can be adjusted in 1 point intervals. The sensor performs excellently across all game genres. Like most high-end mice the DPI is adjustable by pressing the two buttons below the scroll wheel, you can set the DPI profiles on the Utility Engine software. The mouse is medium-sized with a rounder shape than usual. It weighs around g making it almost identical to the Razer Naga Trinity. The reviews for the Razer mouse are overall positive.

A lot of the reviewers had been using older versions of the Razer Naga and say this is a nice upgrade.Which gaming mouse is the best mouse for WoW?

Well there are a lot of great MMO mice to choose from. With Classic WoW on its way, there will be a lot of returning or new players looking for a mouse to use. MMO games like World of Warcraft require more keybinds than any other genre. MMO mice are designed to deal with the many keybinds needed to play games like WoW.

The main feature of an MMO mouse is the side buttons, the Razer Naga for example has 12 side buttons. Having a lot of mouse buttons levels the workload between your mouse and keyboard. In my opinion, the Razer Naga is the original WoW gaming mouse.

Razer has now released a new and improved version which they call the Razer Naga Trinity. Razer has one-upped the competition with their interchangeable side panels. The mouse comes with three side panels each with a unique button layout. There is one with 2 buttons, one with 6 and one with The side panels are magnetic making them super easy to place on and off the mouse. This is Razers 5G optical sensor optimized for precision ensuring your movements and clear and accurate.

You can adjust the DPI in steps of 50 and set it as low as This mouse has a great shape perfect for long WoW grinds. The right side of the mouse has a sloped area for you to rest your ring finger. Your mouse profiles will be stored on-board the mouse making it plug and play after the first setup. The mouse is available in two color schemes: all black or black and yellow. This is probably my favorite WoW mouse on this list.

Tutorial Tuesday- Episode #13- key mapping

Corsair make great gaming peripherals and the Scimitar Pro is no exception. The main feature of the mouse is the adjustable side buttons.

There are 12 side buttons on the left side of the mouse which are attached to a key slider. You can unlock the key slider and move the panel 8mm left or right, this allows you to find the perfect placement for your thumb.

All 12 of the side buttons are mechanical and will provide a satisfying tactile feedback.


The second and fourth row of buttons are textured for grip, this also helps you get familiar with the layout faster. You can store all of the mouse settings on-board the mouse itself making it easy to travel with. It has an ergonomic shape perfect for a palm grip style. There is independent RGB lighting in four locations.

You can customize the lighting and other mouse settings using the Corsair Utility Engine software. The Logitech G is the only wireless mouse on this list, wireless mice are super cool for laid back gaming. Wireless mice are no longer considered worse for gaming, Logitech has been a huge part of pushing wireless mice to where they are now.

corsair scimitar pro wow setup

The Logitech G can last up to hours of non-stop gameplay. It takes two AA batteries but you can use one battery if you want to make the mouse a little lighter. There are 11 extra buttons on this mouse making it perfect for games like World of Warcraft. There are 8 buttons on the side of the mouse and another two beside the left primary click button.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 3 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: Help with Corsair Scimitar.

Help with Corsair Scimitar Just purchased this. I've been using the same keybinds since Vanilla 12 years and heavily relied upon the Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons. I use them by themselves, along with shift, control and alt modifiers.

I can't seem to figure out the combo ones.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Review: The Best Way to Game

I can set it up in the software but can't set it as a keybind in WoW. Anyone experienced with this mouse and latest CUE software that can help me out? Reply With Quote. I use this mouse but I just set each number to correspond with the keyboard number. So 4 on the mouse is like hitting the number 4 on the keyboard. Not sure if this is at all addressing what you're asking but figured I'd try.

You set the key bond in WoW directly with something like bartender. It recognizes my mouse buttons on my corsair. Go into the corsair software and select the actions button on the left. It will default to macros but in the drop down menu select keystrokes I think it says keystrokes anyway. There will be a blank box that you can enter your desired keystroke. You can then click on the side button in the picture of the mouse, then assign the keystroke combination you chose to that corresponding side button.

You will need to do this for all the side buttons you wish to assign keystrokes too individually. Hope this helps, if you need me to clarify feel free to pm me. Last edited by Zalavaaris; at PM. I tried something similar to that and it didn't work.Hello everyone, I was hoping to maybe get some insight on how I can resolve my mouse issue. When I first got this mouse, I never had this key binding issue.

Which makes no sense. Also, the mouse keys are set so that they have movement keys binded to them. So the 11 key makes my character turn right and the 8 key moves them forward, 7 and 9 makes them straf. My scroll button still works for the ability I have it originally keyed to but my keys no longer are binded to the abilities I once had them binded to. Keys are still responding as they always have been, however. Any idea? As I stated, this was never an issue before when I first got this mouse and it worked just fine up until a few weeks ago.

I got this mouseā€¦ probably months ago. Launch the corsair utility engine. Have the same issue sometimes and this seems to fix it. Probably a profile issue. Thank you! Good things you have resolved your issue. Fyi, i have a scimitar corsair mouse; dont need software to use them. The mouse button M4 and M5 on the mouse is not standard.

When press M4; it swap profile to 12, or 3. M5 control the dpi of the mouse. So just press M4 until it cycle back. Default profile 1,2,3 will be reload from CMOS. Corsair Mouse keybinding Issue Support. Technical Support. Noralynn-emerald-dream 4 June 1. Any input is highly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

Motorcboatum-kelthuzad 5 June 3. Noralynn-emerald-dream 10 June 4. Tyraxel-wyrmrest-accord 11 June 5. Killerkimmie-emerald-dream 12 March 6.

Corsair scimitar pro wow setup