Are garmin topo maps worth it

Categories Discussions Sign In. Find out more about how to manage cookies, or dismiss this message and continue to use cookies. Hello, New to the hand held GPS world and am going to get some topo maps to load to my etrex vista hcx. I was curious if someone could tell me what the 'K' means in relation to the map.

My guess is that the 24K is more detailed ie closer to earth? But when I did a search I couldn't really find anything that explained what these numbers mean. Tim Points. January It it is a reference to the scale of the map, the smaller number the better as you have discovered.

The "k" simply is short for "1,". So a "24k" map has a scale ofand a k map has a scale ofTherefore on a map where the scale isone unit on the map like an inch is equal to 24, units on the earth. Does that have any relationship to the distance between topo lines?

Is there a way to determine what the scale is based on the distance between the topo lines? Say each line is 20ft difference in height how or could the scale be determined?

How to: Installing Free Maps on your Garmin Fenix 5/6, Forerunner 945, or MARQ Series watch

Sorry if this is elementary. Boyd Points. No, elevation contours are completely independent from map scale. These are called contour intervals and are chosen by the mapmaker to be appropriate from the kind of terrain. For example, in a mountainous area you might use a 20 foot or 40 foot interval. In a very flat area you might use a 5 foot interval. There is no way to determine map scale from these lines.

They will be closer together for a steep mountain and farther apart for a small hill. So knowing that the interval is 20 feet will tell you something about the slope of the hill but nothing about the scale of the map. Also, many contour lines are simply interpolated from other scales giving an impression of data quality that isn't there.

For example if the raw data outlines each contour at foot intervals, some software might draw four lines between and feet, evenly spaced, to show 20 foot contours-- yet the data isn't of a resolution of 20 foot contours.

I was playing around with it recently and it is pretty cool though. You can actually see things like roads and trails based on the difference in height trees, ditches, etc I guess. I even noticed some cellar holes from old buildings. It looks to me like many of them are worth it speaking of TOPO's instead of paying the hefty price for the Garmin Topo's. K9CHP 0 Points. Amir K9CHP. It looks to me like many of them are worth it speaking of TOPO's.

Sign In or Register to comment.Categories Discussions Sign In. Find out more about how to manage cookies, or dismiss this message and continue to use cookies. February 10 in GPS Recommendations. Boyd Points.

February 10 edited February The Garmin 24k topo maps have routable roads - which means they can calculate routes and give you turn by turn directions.

They also have points of interest similar to City Navigator - things like gas stations, stores, etc. And they have 3d elevation data, which can produce shaded terrain. Most 3rd party maps don't have any of these things. Now, that is not a recommendation, because personally I don't much care for them and they are quite expensive.

But you will have to judge this for yourself. Really, the simplest way to answer this is to just download some free maps and see if you like them.

February Appreciate it. Not too worried about searchable POI, more just looking for the most accurate trail maps possible.

The trails on the Garmin topo maps seem to vary considerably by location, I have seen a lot of complaints about the 24k Garmin topo.

I have the Northeast US 24k topo and never liked it much, mainly because it's just ugly and can be hard to read. But I make my own maps and am particular about style. But it's a transparent overlay that only includes trails, and you enable at the same time as another topo map. But this only works on the GPS itself, because Basecamp doesn't allow you to enable more than one map at the same time.

Sign In or Register to comment.Some six years ago I did a post on how to add free maps to your Garmin Edge series device. These days, things have changed a bit. Somewhat astoundingly for a tech-specific post, everything I wrote in that post all those years back is still actually correct in terms of steps.

Starting today with the wearables side. Note that while Garmin would prefer you buy the maps from them, they actually go out of their way to allow you to download free maps from 3rd party providers.

I myself often use the freely downloaded variant I describe below because I live in Europe, but often buy my units in the US. And thousands of you every month do the same following these previously published steps. In reality the entire process is super quick and easy. The actual active time for you to do this is like minutes tops. You must have a computer — Mac or PC or even Linux. You cannot do this from an iPad or such.

It also will work on most of the handheld type outdoor devices too. Will it still work? There may be some 3rd party units that work with these maps, but nothing major. Plus, many other competitors like Wahoo, Stages, and Sigma simply make it easy for you to download maps without all this fuss. Note that for unsupported watches there is a hail-mary option, which is DWMap.

Full details here. The main use for this is when you ask the device itself to create a route on the fly such as roundtrip routing that it leverages heatmap data to give you routes that people use more often.

You can still take advantage of that concept by simply creating the routes on Garmin Connect or Garmin Connect Mobile first, which will use that same data from the cloud. In addition, there are some slight nuances to how the maps look in terms of exact styling. At left is what the default Garmin maps look like, whereas at right is what the free OSM maps look like:.

But both are perfectly functional. OpenStreetMap has become in many areas just as good as maps from traditional providers. The below site simply does all the hard work that you used to have to do manually a few years ago if you wanted to use OpenStreetMap.

Running Topo maps on a Zumo

Seriously, you can do these clicks below in under 15 seconds.I've never used any other nav systems than Garmin's. A few years ago, I upgraded from a Nuvi to a T. Bigger display and more features, but satellite acquisition noticeably slower. Routing changes also seem to confuse the T more than the To my surprise, I'm not reading a lot of positive stuff over my T.

My current traffic doesn't block out the entire screen with advertisements when stopped as it seems some all? Navigating stop and go traffic trying to change lanes for an exit and not being able to see the screen unless the car is moving?

If I have to turn off the Traffic to get rid of that, why would I want the traffic in the first place? I find it very useful on the T.

are garmin topo maps worth it

I'm also seeing in reviews complaints about map accuracy and routing Inis Garmin still the best car nav system option or have TomTom or someone else improved greatly over the last 2 years? I'm also not pleased that Garmin only considers an iPhone a smartphone and the Garmin app is iPhone only. What about Windows Phone 7 or at least Android? Any guidance, suggestions, or comments would be more than welcome!

I don't want to make a mistake this time. Just bought a new garmin LMT to replace an old with a very old map. The traffic ads are very small and not a problem.

What map do you have now? If you're in North American and it isn't I have the latest map According to Garmin a new map will be available very soon as this version dates back to February. I've had the new LMT for about a month now, at first the ads were very annoying, to the point I asked Garmin how to get rid of them. They are part of the free traffic update program so the only way to get rid of them is to turn off the traffic feature.

The only plus side is they only appear when stopped. Not sure I'd opt for the free traffic next time I upgrade as it doesn't seem reliable enough. Larry loadingzone,I love my t and got it lifetime map updates sometime ago.

The lifetime map I purchased, after a few months of availability I paid ninety something dollars for it. But if even if it seems much it paid itself off. There was a time not long ago when a map update would cost you seventy nine dollars for a DVD and that was a once a year update.

The routing seems to be more of your taste. I have the original Garmin nuvi. It works great except you have to pay for new maps and navigation. It would be rather annoying to buy a new device now only to have it start malfunctioning in a few months.

Garmin 64s

Newer GPS devices will probably need better filtering and older devices are not going to be upgraded. I have found it only a little more expensive to buy new with the Black Friday and Christmas deals. It is best to figure out what whistles and bells you can't live without then use that list for comparative shopping. I have a new LMT and love it.For a few hundred bucks, the Garmin InReach could save your life. It ends up being cheaper than buying from Amazonthere are benefits to buying from REIand you help support free hiking guides for everyone.

So everyone understands how to send a text message with a cell phone. The InReach uses satellites to communicate and send and receive text messages.

You can be in Antartica, and it works not confirmed, yet! The InReach, which comes in two models, the SE and Explorer, has many other helpful functions as well. Keep reading to see why you need this potentially life-saving device in your pack. Yes, even though I rarely use them. I have other tools that I use for that.

It should be enough to get you out of a jam. Before we explore the InReach in depth, I want to mention that you need a paid subscription to use the Garmin InReach. For me, the small monthly fee is worth it for the peace of mind. Here are the current service tiers. I use the cheapest Freedom Plan option, which lets me send unlimited preset messages and use the SOS, and it works great.

If you get the Freedom Plan, you can turn it off and on at monthly intervals. You can also just get an annual plan for less.

Read on. I was going camping out in Joshua Tree with friends and was going to not bring my family with me. I found out that there was no cell service. I found this unit since it was able to send and receive messages to your family over satellite. Well, it worked. When everyone had no service, I was keeping in close contact with my wife and kids.

I also like the fact that it has SOS. You never know what could happen and want to make sure that communications are there when you need them. There are also third-party services that offer Garmin InReach subscriptions like these guys. You can also get business plans for the InReach which support multiple units and teams. In fact, Garmin acquired Delorme simply for the InReach unit, even though Delorme had been creating maps and mapping products for over 40 years.

Garmin took about a year to improve the InReach Explorer unit. The buttons are straightforward, and once you use it a few times, become second nature. Same thing with the SOS button. The menu is straightforward, but a bit crowded and dated.

are garmin topo maps worth it

You simply use the rocker button to move through the menu items. This is the number one reason why I recommend InReach Explorer. The other functions are okay, but this is the game changer and why Garmin probably bought the company from Delorme. You have three preset messages which are very easy to send from the unit. These are canned text messages to preset recipients that you specify on the website. The nice thing about these preset messages is that you can send as many as you want within all the data plans more later.

You can also attach a link to your position.Forums New posts Advanced search Image search. Members New profile posts Search profile posts Member search Members map. Log in Register. What's new Search. New posts. Advanced search. Image search. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Recommendations for 24k topo map for Garmin Montana. Thread starter ltj Start date Aug 15, Name Ladd. Hi, I recently purchased a Garmin Montana t and I think the installed k map is worthless.

I would like to get a 24k topo map that shows dirt bike trails for the West, mostly in California. KTMrc Dino. Name Randy. It has the dirt trails and roads for almost all of the areas. Add the Birdseye Satellite maps to give you the actual photos of the area you are riding in. The topo maps can clutter the screen too much with all the elevation lines. Screen Shots of the different maps at Penny Pines. Do not give up, you can beat it. Thanks, I'll check that out!

Now that you have a Garmin Montana here is a small thread about it. KTMrc said:. Looks like the SD card or download are the only options. You can plug in the SD card to a computer and use the map in Basecamp. The first map is CNNA You can purchase a 1 year subscription and download satellite maps of areas where you will be riding. A picture of an area is worth a thousand words when you don't know which way to turn at an intersection with 5 possible directions.

The forth map is the Birdseye overlay centered on Penny pines. The overlay can be zoomed in or out like the regular maps. Penny Pines Zoomed in.

are garmin topo maps worth it

Name Chris. Ladd - what is it that you don't like about the K vs the 24k? I think you can still find a 24k map on line for free but it will not have auto routing capability. For dirt riding this is no big deal as none of the maps will auto route effectively on trails. Auto routing is was one does with their smart phone. Select a destination and hit go.

The device then gives you turn by turn directions.Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. I happen to own multiple Garmin Zumo GPS receivers, as we often use more than one of our bikes at a time. I've figured out how to load copies of Topographic maps onto the SD cards on both my Zumo and the newer I'm wondering a couple of things.

First, off, on the Zumowith the map display set at either North up or Track up modes that seem the most useful offroad all seems to work well. But with the Zumono matter what display modes or screen resolution settings I use, the topo contour lines are very fat and monopolize the display pretty badly.

Anyone using Garmin 24k topos on a Zumo 6XX? Are the Garmin 24k Topo Maps worth the added price of admission? As far as I can see the Garmin maps have not been updated since ? Thanks in advance for any help. TwohondasMar 4, Filedepot download is a good mapset to use to explore what Topo can and cannot due. I run both on my ADV Sponsors. Joined: Oct 27, Oddometer: 1, Location: Virginia. I am a total gps noob with respect to doing more than the basics but love the hec out of my so I'd love to learn more about the off-road capabilities beyond full zoom to see the trails.

If possible I would like some info to understand how loading these topos may affect my use of the zumo. Do i have to do something different in my settings to access? Which is the best to load for N. I appreciate any guidance i can get with a current plan to ride Colorado this summer. As a side note: I live in Va. I'm not trying to hijack this thread so please send a pm if responses are not pertinent to the original intent of the poster. Joined: Dec 28, Oddometer: 1.

I am not familiar with the 3rd party topos but do like garmins 24k maps. As far as the way the and that I owen handles maps loaded from the DVD is not good as far as I am concerned. Read the following post I made on this subject. I would also like to say how disappointed I am in how it handles adding additional maps to A SD card. You can only put one map per SD card. So now you need to Carry A library of cards with you if you like riding your Motorcycle on and off road.

As an example, if you load one of the topo maps on a SD card it creates a file called Gmapsupp. If you load another file on that card it over rights the Gmapsupp with another Gmapsupp, and delete the other map file. So one Map for each SD card.

Are garmin topo maps worth it